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Julie Boehm

Julie Boehm

About the artist

Julie Boehm is a multimedial artist for paintings on canvasdigital compositings, body paintings and film.

After her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, “Die Graphische” (Diploma of Multimedia) , 2 Years at the “Babelsberg Filmschool” and “Orthovita Fitnesstrainer Academy” in Berlin she is now at the Filmacademy Baden Württemberg in Ludwigsburg (west Germany).

You can contact her for international bookings.

Classical Paintings: Illustrations, Books, Calendars, new exhibitions, personal bookings for presents such as portraits and caricatures,…

Digital Paintings: Composings, Digital Paintings, Concept Art for film and video games

Bodypainting: Shows, Shootings, Exhibitions, Promotion Projects, Film Casts, Competitions, workshops …

Film:  Concept Art, Conceptual Stories, Storyboard, Director, Production Design, Editor


Selected art of Julie Boehm.

More fine art can be found at www.weewado.com