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Adriano Art

About the artist

Adriano Art is the natural paradise and inspiring Ubatuba, city surrounded by the forest and the sea, on the north coast of São Paulo.

In adolescence she began working with advertising graphics and printing on shirts. This experience served as a basis to become a graphic designer, an area that operates today, as well as Plastic Artist and Tattoo Artist.

The design is present in your life since childhood. No academic background, became a self-taught artist.

The From 2001 his art changed style completely. He mixed the theory of realistic painting with experience in advertising design (where geometric shapes are prevalent) and creativity (which was always the difference in their arts). Thus was born his own painting technique, "TECHNIQUE ADRIANO ART".

Since then, his works have been recognized and rewarded throughout the region and exposed countries such as Austria, China and Thailand.


Selected art of Adriano Art.

More fine art can be found at www.weewado.com